What is Hypnobirthing?

Despite its slightly misleading name, Hypnobirthing is a very logical approach to childbirth. It teaches tools that encourage the release of oxytocin ‘the happy hormone’ that is essential in childbirth and has been proven to enable a faster, more comfortable birth.

It teaches the psychology of childbirth and how our brain impacts how our bodies behave during childbirth and once we understand this, we can use it to our advantage in labour.

It also uses some level of hypnosis to induce a deep state of calm, something can be helpful in pregnancy, birth and beyond.

It teaches women to have faith in their body and uses positive affirmations to empower women in the lead up to and during their birth so that they feel excited and relaxed.

In essence, Hypnobirthing is an education of childbirth and how to manage it. All the tools and things you need to know, to have a more personal and positive birth experience.

The Course

I am trained by KGHypnobirthing the original UK Hypnobirthing company which is Royal College of Midwives accredited. I teach the yesmum London Hypnobirthing Syllabus written by Hollie De Cruz. It is a hypnobirthing course designed for every kind of birth. Super accessible, comprehendible and exciting!

It helps prepare the birth partner, encouraging them to take an active and positive role that will have a tangiable impact on their partners birth.

Whatever kind of birth you are planning, this is the course for you. Designed to make all women and men feel prepared for their labour, whatever course their birth might take.

Knowledge is power! The more informed you are, the more confidently you will be able to make decisions that impact your birth and your baby.

The course is 8 hours of content split over 2 sessions.

What will I learn?

Lesson 1;

Biology of how the Uterus and its muscles work to grow and birth a baby. This understanding is the foundation of your birth.

The Adreneneline Cycle. How hormones impact labour and the cycle of fear, adreneline and pain. Fear and the subconscious mind. Detoxing and reprogramming our subconcious to help improve how effectively our body works in childbirth.

Breathing! Learn breathing techniques that will help manage the 3 stages of labour. Gravity and positions for labour.

Lesson 2;

Birth Preferences. Plan for both the expected and the unexpected.

Birth Environment. The importance of making an environment that is safe to you.

Relaxation skills to help you feel calm and confident as you approach your birth. Tools to use in pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Knowledge to navigate the 3 phases of labour confidently. Options regarding pain relief and intervention.

About Me

My name is Hollie, I live in Leyton, East London with my husband and our little girl. I also spend a lot of time on the Kent coast in Folkestone, where my family lives. I teach group classes in Walthamstow and Folkestone at various locations and also teach private lessons to couples in the comfort of their own home or at mine.

While pregnant, I studied Hypnobirthing with my husband in preparation for our birth and I was so surprised how logical and evidence-based it was. I loved preparing for my birth, I felt fully relaxed and was excited about it. It really changed my pregnancy and enabled me to feel excited about meeting my baby. Hypnobirthing took my birth from something terrifying, to something empowering. It set me up for motherhood feeling confident in my capabilities and in awe of women!

My course gathers up all of my passion and looks to enable couples to feel prepared and excited.

I really do believe that ALL women are birthing warriors, that should feel empowered, however they choose to give birth.


The group course consists of 8 hours split over 2 separate sessions.

The course includes;

  • Your Baby Your Birth Bestselling book by Hollie De Cruz.
  • MP3 relaxation and affirmation scripts for pregnancy and labour.
  • Support from myself until after your birth.
  • An invitation to join a whatsapp group with myself and new local friends.
  • Access to the yesmum® birth project Facebook Student Hub- a great source for reading other student’s birth stories and asking questions.

Please email for upcoming group course dates and prices. I recommend booking a class around from 30 weeks+ but anywhere from 20 weeks to 40 would also work!

Private courses can be taught in the comfort of your own home and the time can be arranged to suit you. I can travel to most areas in North/East London and the areas surrounding Folkestone so please email me with enquiries.